Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get Your Friend's email id's easily for Facebook,Twitter etc.

Today i reveal a way how to Get all your friends emails, for PURPOSES ;)  from Facebook or other social networks, i discovered this thing using my Yahoo email. For this You will be needing a Yahoo email account.
You need a Yahoo account for this purpose.

First Login to Your Account.
Then Got to contacts and you will be seeing something like this
Then click Import Contacts as instructed on the Picture above. This might take a few minutes to load because its on a secure connection and blah blah...

Then yahoo will be asking for your Selection of teh network like Facebook,Gmail,Windows Live or Other
And you will be seeing something like this.
Now select your network and yahoo will do the wrest for you, it will show how many contacts you have and start to import and Baam you have all your friends contacts. This is quite a cool method for hackers , i found it out myself , and i really don't know if other hackers use this method. 

Well slightly this method has a vulnerability , if you have a facebook username and an email , you're safe.
To get your user name go to Account>Account Settings>username
And facebook will automatically offer you the email soon.

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