Saturday, February 2, 2013


Wireless Wep Key Hacking - For Beginners

Thousands of articles have been written about the vulnerability of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), but how many people can actually break WEP encryption? Beginners to WEP cracking have often been frustrated by the many wireless cards available and their distribution-specific commands. And things are further complicated when the beginner is not familiar with Linux.

In this post i will show you a book Wireless Wep Key Hacking where the author gives you a step by step approach to breaking a WEP key. The entire attack is done with publicly available software and doesn't require special hardware.

The author of this book is Haider Afridi, an expert into the field of hacking and security. This book is a complete guide of hacking WEP keys, and the best part of this e-book is that he has written it in such a manner that even a 5th grade kid can understand it.

I have personally hacked more than 10 wirelesses using the method presented in this book.

If you think this book is something you would be interested in, you can get it here,

Download Wireless Wep Key Hacking

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