Sunday, February 3, 2013

How to speed up your wireless broadband internet connection (Globe, Smart, Sun)

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How to speed up your wireless broadband internet connection kit?
Most of the wireless broadband internet connection subscriber 
has an issue with their internet speed connections.Whether he or she is a Globe Tattoo user,
Sun Broadband user or Smart Broadband user they all have the same problem.
So how we will solve this problem?The main reason of a slow internet connection
using wireless broadband internet is the signal. The speed of your internet connection 
will always based on your location and the amount signal your getting. 
The Higher the signal the bigger the amount of your bandwidth.
The Higher  the bandwidth mean faster internet connection.
Now I'm going to show you how are we going to get bigger amount of signal in less expensive way and more creative.
Just prepare the following
1.USB  Extended Connector
2.Wireless broadband kit(Globe,Smart,Sun Provider will do)
3.Aluminum or steel plate.
1.Create a hole in the center of the aluminum plate.
2.Insert the USB extended connector in center, where the hole is created.
3.Put it to higher area.
4.Insert your broadband kit to your extended connecter in center of the aluminum plate.
5.Last, insert the other end of your connector  to your PC and do a speed test.
This is my own version. You can create and share your own version too.
Wireless broadband signal booster

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